Comments Policy

play your part in keeping our community safe

Keep things nice on our site

The Waterdown Media Website should be a safe place, where people from a diverse range of backgrounds can share ideas with freedom, knowing they will be heard, and listened to. In order to ensure our site is a safe place for all, we’ve come up with a series of rules about comments to say which comments are not allowed on our site.

This isn’t an attempt to stifle free speech or block out those views that disagree with us. It’s a way of ensuring every single one of our community members feels they are listened to and have the space to express their views. 

What comments are not welcome?


Using this site for your own promotional gains is unacceptable. Comments that exist to get a backlink to your site, a brand mention, or drive awareness is unacceptable and will be removed. Run ads, don’t spam blogs. You’re more than welcome to share (and link to) an example to illustrate a point in your comments. However, comments with more than 2 links are automatically deleted. 


Any abuse targeting a group of any community or individual. You should know what abuse is without needing it spelt out. It’s our moderation team’s discretion as to if your comment crosses a line, and if it should be deleted. 

We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding this and any comment designed to hurt someone else on or off this site will be deleted. It is fine to criticise ideas and argue your points strongly. We welcome contrasting views, not personal attacks. 

Moderation Decisions

The general rule on this site is that discussions should add value to the conversation, to build and challenge views and to overall share knowledge with the marketing community to help each other to grow (including us)

In other words, if your comment relates to the post, and doesn’t attack the author or another commenter, it’s acceptable. 

Otherwise, it’ll most likely get deleted. 

Moderation decisions rest with our team here at Waterdown Media who will decide if your comment is acceptable on our site. Comments that are not published onto this site are not saved, and we have no appeals process if your comment was deleted. 

If you feel we have wrongly moderated your comment then please contact us with the reason and if successful, we won’t delete the comment the next time you attempt to post it. 

Social Media


The team at Waterdown Media responsible for managing our own content on a variety of social media accounts. 

When interacting with us on social media (or using our channels as a place to interact with another user) is part of the community we build. As such it’s important to take steps to make the community an inviting place and play our part in moderating to make that happen.

All comments on social media must comply with the platform’s own terms of service. You are responsible for the content you post on social media. 

If we find content that breaks the platform’s terms of service or is borderline such as spam then we will take action to remove your comments. This may be using platform-specific features (such as “hide replies” on Twitter) or reporting your comment to the moderation team of the platforms themselves. 

Any account that falsely represents the Waterdown Media brand will also be reported both on the platform and by law where applicable. 


We do not want to restrict access to our content and will only block users in a limited number of circumstances. 

Accounts that continually post spam, abuse or content that breaks the platform’s terms of service will be blocked. This is to ensure our moderator team do not have to deal with repeat offenders and can better spend their time building up our community. 

At Waterdown Media, we want every member of our community from clients, partners, readers and anyone who interacts with the Waterdown Media brand to feel safe and welcome. We care deeply about culture and ensuring we create a diverse environment where creativity thrives. If you have any specific feedback on this policy, or how we can create such a diverse environment we’d love to hear from you on [email protected]