About Us

Founded in September 2020 Waterdown Media provides affordable marketing services, with the service. 

From setting our prices below market rate so they’re accessible for small businesses, to going above and beyond with every client. 

We believe in fair principles and providing nothing less than outstanding service. We don’t cut corners or use shady tactics and always will keep you in the loop. 

You shouldn’t be trapped in a contract that’s not working. That’s why we’ll never charge you cancellation fees and only charge fixed projects on delivery of the work so you can see exactly what you’re getting. 

You’re not just another logo we’re working with. That’s why we won’t even mention we’ve worked with you unless you agree to it. Not everybody wants their competitors to know they’re outsourcing. Don’t worry we won’t be offended. 

We don’t enforce the stupid “designed by Waterdown Media” in your footer either. We’ve actually seen agencies that force you to have this in the contract. Seriously, it’s your website put what you want on it. 

We actually care about your business. We offer all our services on the basis that they’ll actually help level up your marketing, take the weight off your in-house teams and provide an external perspective to identify and execute better ways to grow. 

So there you have it, we’ve opened our doors on a core philosophy. We’ll update this page when we have some more to say.