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It’s great you want to write for us here at the Waterdown Media Blog.

And you’re in the right place to learn how.

Having guest posts on the site lets us escape our bubble and hear from a diverse range of views. And that means we’d love to hear from you.

We’re a marketing agency, so we’re hot on content marketing and SEO. That’s why we’ve written these guidelines to help you have a higher chance of getting your post accepted on our site.

When you’ve finished reading these please pitch us your idea via the form below. Make sure to use a valid email as we’ll reply even if we don’t go ahead with your pitch.

What we accept

We only accept blogs that give practical digital marketing advice.

We also accept case studies/insights posts providing you can turn those insights into action.

Digital marketing is quite broad, so you need to meet the following too:

  • You can’t have written the post anywhere else.
  • We haven’t written about the post before if it’s evergreen content. We will update rather than write a new post. Example:
    • We write X Trends for 2020. Your guest post can be X Trends for 2021.
    • We write List of Social Media Image Sizes. We’ll update this for 2021 if they change.
  • You’re not just regurgitating marketing content that’s already been written about to death unless you bring a unique, updated fresh perspective, or your content is more in-depth.
  • We do not accept submissions from content marketing agencies on behalf of their clients. We will only liaise with the author of the post directly.


Do not plagiarise any content that’s already out there. Even if you’ve written it yourself. We do check.

You can refer to previous content you’ve worked on, but make sure this blog is new information not a rewording of your existing content. 

All statistics and quotes must be attributed back to the original source.

You’re welcome to syndicate the post 7 days after publishing here. Please use a canonical link.


All submissions should be more than 1000 words.

Anything less then that won’t have the in-depth perspective we look for in guest posts.

There’s no maximum word count, but don’t waffle on needlessly. Keep things clear.

Don’t make the post promotional for your own products or services. Also, don’t discredit someone else’s.

Statistics must be three years younger and from reputable sources. Link to the original stat, not a fact-roundup post or similar. 

100% of your blog should be in English. 

Our blog is aimed at small business owners and marketers with varying degrees of experience. Your content should assume basic intelligence, but break down complex descriptions where needed.


When including external links, link to the most relevant information page to your point, not just the website homepage.

No affiliate links are permitted.

Nofollow any links to sites you own or are affiliated with. Please disclose this (e.g. this blog I’ve written here [LINK]). We may remove or nofollow any link in your blog.

We will remove any links to our competitors unless they provide editorial value or back up a statistic/quote. 

Link Warning

Here at Waterdown Media we only add a link because it’s editorially relevant to provide additional information, to back up what we’re saying, or to point our readers in the right direction to help them take action.

We do not place links because we’ve been compensated for them. It’s against Google’s rules.

Guest posts on this site have to follow these rules too. You must not include any links in your post if you’ve been compensated for them. 

We will delete any post that abuses our link policy. You won’t be able to contribute to the site again.

Author Bios

You are allowed two do-follow links in your bio.

The first should be towards your company homepage or profile page if you have team pages. Example.

The second is your choice providing it’s SFW, not a competitor or content behind a paywall. Example:

  • “Read my article” – link to paid subscription landing page to access – not allowed
  • “Sign up to my free email course” – landing page for the course – allowed

You’ll also get to link to your official social media accounts (1 per platform).

Please provide a LinkedIn quality headshot 400*400 px that can be cropped circular.


Please supply a header image for your post (dimensions 800*418px).

You can use Canva (free) or Photoshop (paid) to help with this.

Please ensure you own all the rights to the photo. We prefer free stock photos to avoid copyright issues from sites like Unsplash or Pixelbay.

Please state the source of any images. This is just for our reference and won’t be shown.

Images cannot be watermarked or contain company branding.

You may include images to break up your text (every 500 words at most) but this is not required.

Please only use JPG or PNG image formats. We compress all images with Imagify.


For copyright reasons please only embed screenshots or Tweets in your guest post.

Make sure screenshots do not violate anyone else’s copyright.

For tweets, leave the raw URL and we’ll do the rest. 


Please supply a headline for your article that entices users to click without coming across as spammy. It should what the article contains. Improve it with these tips.

Please provide a meta description for your post following best practice.


Once your pitch has been accepted you may submit your post as a Word Doc or Google Docs.

All images should have the original image file submitted separately in the allowed formats.

Please use in-built headings for H2, H3 and H4 tags. 

We will format and upload the guest post ourselves.

Our Commitments

  • You are welcome to check your post and answer comments. We also may answer comments.
  • You’ll always remain the author of the guest post, it will never be bylined under Waterdown Media.
  • We may make small copy-edits to keep the post updated and relevant. Examples of where we might do this below:
    • Remove deleted tweets
    • Updated screenshots where platforms or websites have redesigned to keep them current.
    • Tweaking minor details such as step by step instructions if the way to do it changes.
  • We will never change the meaning or the angle of your post.
  • We will delete posts that violate our link rules. You won’t be able to contribute again

If you follow all of the above you’ve got a high chance of being accepted onto the Waterdown Media Blog.

Send us your pitch below.

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Is our next blog post from you?

We want to hear from a diverse range of perspectives and do not discriminate our authors based on religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status or anything else. 


While the above is wordy the point is the same – if you’ve got an amazing idea we want to hear from you. We’ll walk you through the process from helping structuring points to copy editing your post. 


So come on get your submission in, and if accepted you’ll be reading your post on our blog.