Acceptable Use Policy

The following terms are only applicable if you have purchased or subscribed to our digital products or services.

This contract is formed when you explicitly tick a box agreeing to the following terms and conditions. By using such products or services you also must agree to the Digital Products and Services Terms and Conditions.

You remain bound by our Website Terms and Conditions even if you don’t purchase products or services from us. If you disagree with those terms please exit the site immediately.  

When purchasing or subscribing digital products through this website you agree to all the terms between yourself (“Client”, “you”) and Waterdown Media (“Waterdown Media”, “we”, “us”).

If you have any questions or hesitancy towards any of the terms contained in this contract you must not enter it. Please direct questions to our support team [email protected]

A breach of any of these terms may result in the permanent suspension of your account. 

You must use our services in line with local laws, rules and regulations and we are not liable for any consequences you experience from not doing so. You agree that any material you provide us from yourself or a third party complies with this, and is solely your responsibility.

You may use our products and services subject to usage limits set out in the contract of your plan, including any extra charges for going over such limits. 

You must not provide third party information that infringes of the rights of another individual, such as personally identifiable information, their intellectual property and any other rights afforded to them. 

You must not use, or provide content to, directly or indirectly use our service in a way that may be interpreted as vulgar, threatening, deceptive, misleading, defamatory, abusive, indecent or fraudulent or otherwise illegal, amoral, or unethical. 

You must use your best efforts to prevent unauthorised access by maintaining a strong password and keeping it confidential. 

You must notify us straight away via email if you suspect any security breaches regarding your account. 

You agree to comply with third party applicable terms, for example, those imposed by social media sites. 

You must not sell, trade or otherwise transfer our services in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

You must not attempt to gain unauthorised access to any part of our services or disrupt them by any means including by hacking, disabling, modifying or interfering with anyway. 

You must not provide any file that is corrupted or contains software that may damage our own systems or a third party computer. 

This includes gaining unauthorised access to another user’s subscription or accessing the subscription services anything other than our interface. 

This includes but is not limited to that which affects the experience of other users, platform integrity or service performance. You must not attempt to engage in abusive practices to degrade our performance.

This includes using any automated system to send more requests than a human could reasonably produce using a standard browser in the same time period. 

We may provide you with the option to sign up to beta testing to try certain services. You agree to provide feedback on such services as reasonably requested and give us the right to use such feedback in marketing materials. 

You acknowledge that any beta services are not the final level of quality and may be sustainably modified or withdrawn at any time. You accept the risk of using “as-is” services without explicit or implicit warranties. We will not be liable for any damage caused by your risk of beta services. 

We are under no obligation to provide technical support in regards to beta services. If you do not accept the risk of such services please remain on our standard plans. 

This policy may change at any time providing 30 days notice for you to accept the new terms. If you do not accept the new terms of this acceptable use policy within that time your account will be suspended until you do, or your contract cancelled.