offload your social management from £7 an hour

Let us share the load for you or provide white label services for your clients with affordable social media services that don’t tie you into a contract. 

fair and flexible social media management

Our social media management services can take a load of your customer service teams by offering fast and meaningful interactions to anyone that reaches you on social, no matter the channel. 

Using your website and FAQ pages we only route questions back to your team as a last result. We can make sure all questions get answers and any potential issues flagged up straight away.

We can also respond to interactions too by posting engaging comments that go beyond “thanks!” and make users feel special. We can also thank users for sharing/tagging you in their posts too.

But that’s just the basics taken care of.  We can respond to people asking questions about your industry and point them in your direction. We can also engage back with accounts that aren’t competitors to help position your brand as a social leader.


how we can help

We support most social platforms and offer an unlimited number of interactions for the number for the number of hours you request. 

We recommend 2 hours for small businesses.

We can also offer all-day support between 8AM-10PM GMT. 

make social media social again

listen & respond to your customers

With so much else on your plate, it can be difficult to give users the response they deserve. We can make sure every user feels special with a personalised response that lets them know we’re not reading from a script, we’re reading what they have to say. 

We will review your previous social posts and read your social media policy (if you have one) to make sure we’re bringing your brand’s voice to every message. 


Our services are not capped so we’ll respond to as many messages as possible during our hours. For small business, we recommend 2 hours a day to get through everything. 


Our pricing structure is flexible so you can add or remove hours that you don’t need. We invoice weekly or monthly for what we use. 



fitting in with you

working with your tools

We can work through your existing publishing workflows whether you run on HootSuite, Agorapulse, Sprout Social or others. We can also update your marketing team and receive tasks via project managers such as Asana or 


Your social. you're in control.

Other than responding to your customers we’ll never post on your social accounts without your permission. You’ll retain full access to your accounts at all times and we can work through Facebook Business Manager or LastPass to avoid sharing the passwords directly.

We manage all accounts fully in the house so there’s no handing the keys over to a third party.

White Label Services

If you’re looking to outsource white label services this might be just the thing for you. With prices starting at £7 / hour there’s generous room for markup and we often operate under NDA. 


Like all the services we offer we care about your privacy. We’ll only list your company in our portfolio with your written permission and we promise to say no won’t affect our service. We’re happy to sign your social media policy to keep HR happy too. 

Your Dream. Our Mission.

£7 an hour. fixed & fair.

Social changes daily and depending on your content schedule you’ll find some days need more management than others. We think it’s unfair to tie you into a monthly contract that you won’t fully use.

So here’s a new way of pricing. Pick how many hours of management you’d like a day. And pick how many days you’ll want them for.

We invoice weekly (on Fridays) or monthly (last Friday of the month). You can cancel at any time and only pay for the hours you’ve used.

There’s no minimum amount of time so this would be perfect if you’ve got an event of giveaway lasting only a couple of days.


Contact Us

get your social media taken care of

If you’re ready to get started with your social media then send us a message today and we’ll review your profiles. 


We’ll let you know how many hours we’ll think it’ll take a day and decide on any extras you may want such as monthly reporting or answering email enquiries too. We’ll then work out a payment plan. 


If you’ve got a giveaway or event coming up we normally can get set up within 24-48 hours.