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Start and scale your blog without a burden to your team by outsourcing professional blog writing services today.

Content that Works for you

Water your neglected blog to bring it new life with our writing services.. We write quality, well-researched articles and blogs that answer your readers’ questions and help them achieve their goals.

With fast turnaround times there’s no waiting around and you’ll have peace of mind by only paying on delivery of the work.

If you’ve never outsourced before then don’t worry, we’re here to walk you through every step of the process – we even provide a brief template below if you don’t already have one.

Partnering with Waterdown Media will give you clear communication, transparent pricing and an agency that wants to go above and beyond to help your business succeed.

as standard

Included in every single article we’ll write.

Engage and Educate your audience

And search engines

While blogs are for users to read, learn from and take action because of search engines need a few things to. 

Our blog content keeps search engines in mind with a clear heading structure, alt text and meta as standard. 

As part of our research we’ll link to external sites (that aren’t competitors) and other blog posts where appropriate to keep them reading. 

Blogs are not a place to stuff keywords or a playground for bad SEO. At the end of the day blogs have to be valuable to users and giving them what they want is the best way to please Google. 


Helping Users

Every business needs a blog for something. Your customers are searching for solutions which is why they come to you. But they want more than just your product’s features. They want to know why they need it and what they can achieve with it. 

It’s more than a place to share business news and the latest office party. You can share trends and stats that only you have, give customers inspiration and ideas, answer their questions and show that you know the ins and outs of your industry. 

the service

in-depth research

We bring the facts and stats to add authority to your blog and cover all bases. We don't shy away from going in-depth.

Pay on delivery

No more worrying about deposits and refunds. Unlike other agencies, we let you see what you're getting before you pay.

Fast turnaround

Without sacrificing quality we don't delay getting started and can turnaround most blogs 48 hours after our contract is signed.


Privacy is important to us so we won't mention anything unless you consent for your project to be in our portfolio. ​​On payment, you'll be transferred full copyright of the work.

payment options

We accept PayPal, Stripe and good old bank transfer to a UK-based account. We're not VAT registered but if you need any additional info on your invoice (like a PO) just let us know.

out of hours

You don't just work on your business 9-5 and nor do we. We answer most of our emails within hours and can still get work back to you over the weekend if it comes in on Friday.


Up To 1000 words

Our starting price for short blogs you’ll get 1000 words of unique content that can go straight on your site. 


up to 2000 words

Best for giving a subject a good overview and covering a specific topic thoroughly. 



up to 3500 Words

Best for writing articles with lots of research that go in-depth with your topic.



If you’ve got a long piece we can make it digestible. From the Skyscraper technique to writing up your research studies we’re happy to take on your heavy content demands.

Custom Pricing

Rates start at £o.04/word

Refund Policy

If you’d like some changes made then we’d be happy to do them within 24 hours at no extra cost to you. If you still not happy then we’ll be happy to give you a full refund – no questions asked. 

See our Refunds Policy for “Blogs and Article Writing” for more.

100% Ownership

We send proof (in writing) that we’re transfering all rights to the work to you once payment has been completed.

NDAs Accepted

If you or your client would like the extra protection of an NDA then send it over and we can digitally sign or print and scan back to give you complete peace of mind.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

fair and upfront pricing

Unlike other agencies, you don’t need to hand over your email or give us a call before we tell you the price. We price in packages up to a word limit as longer posts require more research and structuring to maintain high quality throughout. 

There’s no additional charge for “add-ons” such as CMS entry or sourcing stock photos. If you need them then they’ll come with every blog we’ll write. 

Our pricing keeps things transparent and fair but if you need a custom quote for a regular content need or a long-form content such as a whitepaper then we can negotiate on price too. 

Order your blog post now

Your next blog post awaits

If you’ve decided to go ahead we look forward to having you on board. We’ve got a couple of questions first which will help us understand what you’re looking for. 

You can also download our full brief template as a Word doc or make a copy of the Google Doc. Please upload here or send to [email protected].  

Alternatively, if you’re still not sure and want to ask a few questions reach out to us on our contact form and we’d be happy to help.