refund and cancellation policy

We understand that using a third-party agency is taking a risk so this policy has been constructed to be fair, and favour your business.

The exact nature of our refunds and cancellations policy varies on each contract. This is not a legally binding document, the refunds and cancellations policy within your actual contract will always supersede this.


Any project over £250 requires a deposit anywhere between 5-10% of the total project value. This is to cover our costs in the event you terminate the contract without notice or choose not to pay the final invoice which in both cases, is non-refundable.

Most projects (such as blog writing) will not require a deposit as they’ll be under the threshold.


As we sell digital services we are unable to refund works done once payment has been provided.

If you’re unhappy with the work we’re happy to make changes at no extra cost within the scope of the contract.

If you are still unhappy or don’t believe the work to be salvageable we will waive the final invoice to you. Your deposit will not be refunded.


Either of us can cancel the contract at any time with 5 days written notice. 

If we terminate the contract then any work we’ve done so far will be sent over and we won’t charge the final invoice. Any deposit will also be refunded.

If you decide to cancel the contract Waterdown Media will not release any works done until an invoice has been paid equal to the value of such work. Waterdown Media has the right to pause future work until all previous invoices are paid.

If you do not provide enough notice any deposit you have made is non-refundable.

If for any reason Waterdown Media is unable to complete the work then you’ll get a full refund.

For projects without “assets” such as social or PPC management services, we will provide an invoice at the daily rate (total value of the invoice divided by the number of days between effective date and due date) for the number of days that work has been done.

All payments are to be made within 31 days of the invoice being sent. There are currently no late payment fees due to Covid-19.

Projects paid via the hour our ineligible for a refund and a final invoice will be billed up to the time of cancellation unless notice has been provided. 

The exact specifics of the cancellation and refund policy are specific to the works you require and the time that goes into performing them. Please refer to your contract or get in touch with your specific requirements for more detail.