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Last Updated 26th October 2020


This is the privacy policy of Waterdown Media  ( This policy allows Waterdown Media (“we”, “us”, “our”, “Site”) to be completely transparent in our privacy practices on the Site, as well as informing you of the data that we may collect, and your rights to have it removed.

We process some of your data while other data gets processed by advertising, analytics and social media partners. These partners all have their own privacy policies which should be referred to for the specific privacy elements of said services. 

Waterdown Media aims to uphold the highest standards of privacy and be completely transparent and this policy is designed to be a jargon-free way of explaining why that is the case. For any questions regarding this policy, including your right to have it removed, please contact our data protection officer. 

Contact Details

The data protection officer of Waterdown Media is Jake Symons. He can be contacted by email or phone.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (+44) 07939 670 980

To discuss any questions with this policy, including your wish to exercise your right to have your data removed, please contact Jake Symons using the above contact details. These are also included again at the end of this policy for your reference.

Your Personal Data

Your personal data forms your digital identity, which is private to you. Waterdown Media are committed to keeping you informed of your rights regarding your data. This robust policy has been created to show you precisely what happens with your data on this Site, where it goes and what control you have over it.

We only collect your personal data when there is a legitimate basis to do so, for example contacting you, if you fill out our contact form, or looking at what parts of a page you interacted with after visiting the Site through an ad, to measure its performance. 

Information you may provide us


What are comments?

Comments are messages that can appear under certain blogs where there is the option to leave a comment as well as in reply to another existing comment.

Comments are user-generated content – visitors post them to the website. The Waterdown Media team may also post comments directly. 

What data is collected when I comment?

In order to leave a comment on our Site, it’s required that you enter your name, email address and the message itself.  

Understandably, you may not wish to provide your personal data here and leaving a comment is an entirely voluntary action on this Site. By leaving a comment, you are giving your name, email address and the contents of the comment of your own free will. 

Why do you need that?

Name: We use a name to distinguish comments from each other to help with clarity of understanding for those reading the comments. A nickname or alias is acceptable providing it’s appropriate. 

Email Address: We use this to be able to identify comments if you want your data to be deleted. By providing your email address, Waterodn Media can fulfil their obligation to allow you to delete all of your comments by collecting and removing comments under that address. 

Your email address is not made public and can only be viewed by the Waterdown Media Team. 

Comments: When posting comments on this Site you have the option to write any of your thoughts. We actively encourage you not to include personal data in the comments you post. We are not responsible for any legal, economic or physical consequences you experience for posting a comment on our Site. 

Are you responsible for comments?

Whilst every care is taken to ensure the comments on this Site are not going to cause harm it is not possible for us to monitor every one and thus ultimately the responsibility of the comment is with the commenter. 

The Waterdown Media Team have ultimate authority to delete comments without warning or prior notice at our sole discretion 

How long do you keep comments for

Comments are kept indefinitely unless they are deleted by the Waterdown Media Team, or requested to be deleted by the commenter. Comments may be archived using other services such as Google Cache or the Wayback Machine after they have been deleted from the site. Comments can also be screenshotted by other users and we have no ability to know or delete your comments from individuals who engage in such practices.

How can I delete my comments?

We collect an email address when you leave a comment on the Site. This email address is used to identify your comment in the case you want to delete it.

To verify your comments are indeed your personal data, please send an email on the same email address that you used to post the comment. Other forms of identification such as a passport or driving licence are not required, and it’s discouraged you attempt to send these as they are unnecessary and we cannot be responsible for their security in transmission.

For this reason, Waterdown Media prohibits the use of temporary email addresses that you will lose access to. Please make sure to use an email address you have access to when commenting so that if you wish for your comments to be deleted, you can verify your identity.

Please note if you are unable to verify your identity we have the right to decline your request to have your comment(s) deleted.


What is it?

On our site we have Contact Forms that allow you to get in touch with our team. These contact forms are sent to our email address and are used to provide services (such as replying to your enquiry).

Why do we collect data?

The contact form is an essential part of the Site, which allows us to take messages from people who want us to give them a free review of their social media accounts, offer some marketing advice, or work on a project. This is not an exhaustive list, people could get in touch for any reason. 

This data is collected so the Waterdown Media Team can reply to you in responding to your contact form submission. Data passed through the contact form is kept securely and confidentially, and we do not disclose contact form information to any third parties unless we are required by law to do so. 

How long do we collect this data

Your emails may be kept indefinitely in our inbox unless they are identified as spam in which case, they are deleted within 60 days of their sending. If you have got a response to your email, then it has not been identified as spam.

We cannot take responsibility for your own email provider’s security in these transmissions.

Under your “Right to be Forgotten” you can ask us to delete any emails we may have kept of you. To keep the process straightforward, please send us an email requesting your data to be deleted on the email you wish for us to remove. We then send a notice when we have received your request, and again when it is completed.

Please note we may not be in a position to delete all of your email correspondence when there is a legal or regulatory basis to keep them. This can include documents such as invoices and contracts. Rest assured, we will inform you of all data we retain, and why we have to do so. 

Other Social Media

Waterdown Media cannot liable for your data or privacy after you leave the Website, even when interacting with us, such as on social media. When sharing posts or communicating with us on other platforms, the website in question is responsible for your data. 

Private messages are kept confidential and will never be shared outside the Waterdown Media team unless there is a legal obligation to do so or we have your permission. 

If you require your data to be deleted on a third party site, then please contact the social media site in question to have your data deleted. These sites should also have their own privacy policy, to use as a reference how to do this. 


What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data in the form of text files which are stored on your device when you use the website. They can last for any duration of time; some disappear instantly, and others stay around much longer.

You can clear cookies from your browser at any time. A guide by Livewire explains how to remove cookies from every major browser. If you do not have a browser listed in the article, then a quick Google search should provide some assistance or consult your browser’s help centre for advice.

Our Cookies

To learn more about the cookies used on this site please see our Cookie Policy. 

Embedded content from other websites

Articles on this Site may include embedded content (e.g. videos, images, articles, etc.). Embedded content from other websites behaves in the exact same way as if the visitor has visited the other website.

These websites may collect data about you, use cookies, embed additional third-party tracking, and monitor your interaction with that embedded content, including tracking your interaction with the embedded content if you have an account logged in to that website.

Twitter – Official embed tool used to display tweets in an interactive form as opposed to a static image – Privacy Link

Quora – Used to share marketing tips by embedding helpful Quora answers directly into the post – Privacy Link

Instagram – Used to pull our Instagram feed into the site– Privacy Link

YouTube – Displays Video Content in – Privacy Link

Anchor-FM – Hosts podcast episodes – Privacy Link

Note: YouTube

YouTube offers a “privacy-enhanced mode” which is enforced across YouTube media on this Site. YouTube claims this prevents them from recording any data on this Site until the video is played. If you’re signed into YouTube when viewing the Site, YouTube may associate the video you watch here with your account. 

Who we share your data with

Waterdown Media uses the following third-party service providers on the Site to understand how you use the Site to help him to continually improve the experience of visitors like you to the Site. 

The technologies below may use cookies to help them function – more detail of those can be found in the Cookie Policy.  

Google Analytics

Google Analytics collects data on the usage of the Site to help us make informed decisions to improve the experience on the Site.

This data may include the following:

  • Browser data (such as version, e.g. Chrome 81) 
  • Operating System (e.g. Windows 10) 
  • The website that referred you to this Site (such as clicking a link on Twitter)
  • What pages you’ve viewed on the Site and for how long
  • The time and date of your visit to the Site
  • Any errors you may have come across while visiting this Site
  • Interaction with video content on the Site

This service also collects your IP address. IP anonymisation is in force across our website. This makes your IP address anonymous as soon as it is technically feasible to do so.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is used to manage the HTML and JavaScript tags which are used for tracking and analytics tracking on this website. Used by these services, GTM allows us to efficiently track analytics to continue to improve user experience and ensure the success of the Site.

Google Remarketing Services

We uses Google Remarketing Services, which collect data about your activities which do not identify you personally when you visit this website or the websites where he serves advertising. You may opt-out of Google’s use of cookies by visiting the Google Advertising Opt-Out Page – Learn More.

Google reCAPTCHA

We use this Google service to prevent abuse on contact forms and our login page. This service may use your IP address to verify if you are a human on the Site. 


Our site may have adverts placed across the site in various positions as well as affiliate links in the text. These adverts are not always on – they’re usually turned on during periods of financial difficulty.

As these ads are controlled by third party advertisers through programs such as Google AdSense Waterdown Media is not responsible for the content or the adverts, or the external links they take you to. Please use the respective privacy policies for more detailed information. 

Please see how to opt out of user-based advertising here.


We use HubSpot as our CRM to manage our communications and marketing on this site. Most correspondence you have with Waterdown Media is stored in our HubSpot account including live-chat, emails and Facebook Messenger conversations. This data is stored so we’re able to provide you better service by responding efficiently. HubSpot’s privacy policy can be found here.
We use Elementor to power contact forms across the site. When you fill out a contact form your browser and IP address are included in the message for the purposes of spam prevention. This information will be viewable by the Waterdown Media Team who answer contact submissions. 

Facebook Pixel

Waterdown Media uses Facebook Pixel on this Site to help measure the performance of Facebook ads. If you have contacted us on our business Facebook page “Advanced Matching” may link your Facebook account and your visit to the website. Facebook can also process this data and link it to your own Facebook account. Here is there privacy policy and more on their GDPR policies.


We use Cloudflare DNS and CDN to improve the performance of the Site. Information from our website to your browser and vice-versa may be transmitted through the Cloudflare network. Jake Symons (our data protection officer) and Cloudflare have signed an Enterprise Subscription Agreement to ensure any data is processed under their GDPR and privacy policies. (


We use Mailchimp for an email newsletter sign up that you’re able to opt into across the site. MailChimp is an opt-in service and you will be informed if you are signing up to MailChimp separately from normal email correspondence. Initiating email correspondence to [email protected]  or a address does not automatically add you to MailChimp to protect your privacy. 

If you do opt into MailChimp you’ll be ticking a box to state you agree for them to retain your details for the purposes of receiving the newsletter. MailChimp has its own comprehensive privacy policy available here.

How long we retain your data

If you choose to leave a comment on this Site then the comment will be published indefinitely unless we use our discretion to delete your comment.

Email correspondence will be kept indefinitely unless you exercise your right to be Forgotten. Email correspondence marked as spam may be deleted much sooner.

You can request your data to be deleted at any time.


Waterdown Media has an active presence on other social media platforms which also collect their own analytics data. We have no control over the analytics which are collected by the sites you visit (such as Facebook or Twitter). However, the platforms choose to share some of that data with us.

Facebook Page Insights

We actively monitor Facebook Page Insights, which is Facebook’s built-in analytics software which shows the actions that are taken on the Waterdown Media Facebook page. Our team processes these insights to see what content is performing well on the Facebook Page. You can view Facebook’s policies in relation to this data here. We have not have access to your personal Facebook data in these insights.  Privacy Link

Your Data Rights

Right to be informed

You have the right to be informed over how we use your personal data when visiting this site. This policy has been created to be completely transparent and fully inform you what happens with your data.

Right to Access

You have the right to access your personal data at any time. We match comments and emails to your email address. 

To access your personal data please send the same email address so we can verify your identity. 

Right to rectification

You have the right to correct any data we may have about you. 

We will use our discretion as to whether your comment is edited, or deleted. 

Previous correspondence (such as emails) cannot be modified. 

Right to erasure

Mentioned throughout as the right to be forgotten, you can request your data to be deleted at any time. 

To ask for your data to be deleted, please send an email using the same address attached to the data you want to be deleted.

You will be informed within 24 hours when your request has been received, and your personal data will be removed from us within 30 calendar days. 

Right to restrict processing

You have the right to restrict us from processing your data. 

For example, you may no longer want to be contacted after filling out a contact form.

Please let us know this is the case by sending an email to [email protected] and you won’t be contacted further.

Right of Portability

You have the right to take the data Waterdown Media holds and use it for your own purposes. Please file an access request for a downloadable zip containing your data.

Right to object

You have the right to object to Waterdown Media processing your data. If you wish to exercise this right, please do not submit comments or fill out the contact form.

Right to withdraw

You have the right to withdraw your consent to having your data processed at any time by contacting Waterdown Media 


This privacy policy has been written for Waterdown Media to be completely transparent in our privacy practices and to help you take control of your data.

This privacy policy has the aim of being as clear as possible. If you have any questions or wish to use any of your rights outlined above, then don’t hesitate to contact the Data Protection Officer whose details are below.


Data Protection Officer

Site: (also as) 

Name: Jake Symons

Email: [email protected]

Phone:(+44) 07939 670980


Last Updated 26th October 2020