External Links Policy

Except for affiliate links (which are clearly identified), we do not take compensation of any kind for the placement of external links.

We decline all link-building pitches sent to us. All external links placed on our Site are placed on merit alone, by the author of the page.  We do not alter links on request, and we do not have time to review your content (in the case of my content’s better than the page you’ve linked to pitches). 

Our editorial team regularly reviews and updates the content on the Site. This could also include removing outdated sections or expanding the post. We only add, change or remove existing content and links because it’s editorially relevant. We do not link to sites because we’ve been asked to, whether or not a reward has been offered. 

We may also change links that are longer available (404 errors) or where the content has significantly changed (for example, behind a paywall) faster than our regular update schedule. We do not accept “link x is broken replace it with my link” pitches, any substitute links are based on our own research. 

Being marketers ourselves, we take a fair approach to link building. We do not add rel=”nofollow” tags to all external links because we would like the company we’re linking to have some benefit for the mention they have on the Site. We reserve the right to add “rel=”nofollow” or remove links at any time. 

As we are not in control of third-party sites, their content is subject to change or removal without notice to us. We are not responsible for the content of external sites, or any direct or indirect consequences you experience from viewing it. Additionally, we do not enforce the views expressed in external sites. If you choose to access a third party website, you do so at your own risk. 

We’d also like you to know we do not add links to our own Sites or those we are affiliated when providing our paid services. We also do not require our clients to link to us via attribution, e.g. “by Waterdown Media” or request them to do so. 

It’s required that all guest authors follow this policy. We may remove links, entire posts and ban contributors from our blog who violate this policy. 

If you would like to learn more about Google’s link building policies, you can do so here.