corporate social responsibility 2021

Director's note

There is no getting away from the difficult 2020 we have all gone through and will continue to go through for the majority of this year. Our CSR policy for this year reaffirms our commitments to the issues we care about such as diversity and the environment. It lists the steps we’re taking now, and those we intend to take as the company grows. 


As the founder of Waterdown Media, I want to do everything that I can to help small businesses thrive in these precarious times. We continue to offer free reviews and practical work to businesses. If you want to discuss how we can help you directly drop me an email [email protected].


This policy is a living document, a constant work in progress. I’ll be honest, some of the initiatives we want to create are hampered by financial constraints. But year on year, there is an improvement. I personally assure you that as a company we will do whatever we can, whatever it takes, to improve our industry and play our full part as a socially-responsible organisation. 

Jake Symons
Managing Director
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our commitments


You can read our business travel policy here.

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Business Ethics

We commit to being as complete transparent as possible as a company. The only way to learn and improve is to show and allow scrutiny on what we do.

In that spirt we publish all pricing and contracts up front and in January 2021 we published our staff handbook

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Caring For Our People

Diversity and Inclusion

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Everyone is welcome at Waterdown Media and we don’t discriminate against anyone based on any biases such as race, age, gender, etc.

We are actively committed to doing everything we can to increase diversity and eliminate bias across the marketing industry. We start by ensuring we’re clear that this has no place at Waterdown Media. 

We will make every possible effort to ensure everyone is welcome and proud to call Waterdown Media their place of work. Everyone at Waterdown Media should be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

From job descriptions to our guest post guidelines, we make it clear we are welcoming of those from minority backgrounds, and actively seeking their input. Creativity thrives when diverse people come together, and we will do everything in our power to make that happen. 

You can read our internal diversity policy here signed by all employees.  

Looking after the squad

Part of our mission to make marketing accessible to all is to look after our staff the best we can, and stand by them and support them in all of their ambitions.

That starts with the usual employment benefits such as a minimum salary of the London Living Wage for all employees. 

It continues with 26 weeks of fully paid leave for both parents when there is a new arrival, unlimited sick leave (including mental health days), and our 40 days paid holiday and unlimited unpaid leave.

All our team are remote, and unless absolutely required (like customer service) have fully flexible hours. We have an open-door policy. We’re transparent and share resources both internally and externally too where we’re able.

We actively encourage and fund training in industry-leading qualification such as CIM, Facebook Blueprint or Digital Marketer. We also fully back side-hustles even if our team decide to leave us to pursue it full time.

We promote standing up to causes that matter so we offer 3 paid volunteering days to make a difference in an organisation close to your heart and unlimited unpaid days to attend demonstrations or protests.

Our team are our most important asset and we will do everything we can to stand behind every one of them. 

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A Living Document

As our company grows and we learn more about our place in the world this document will update to continue to overcome the challenges that face us. If you have any suggestions on how we can go further than this policy and make a real difference get in touch with us [email protected]

This policy is updated annually and you can see an archive below:

CSR Policy 2020