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Waterdown Media is a small part of the world. Unlike water, we don’t cover about 71% of the planet’s surface. But for the small part we do play we want to make a big difference.

This policy will talk about our values, what we stand for, and care about as a company. This isn’t a legal document,
but it will talk through how we operate and ensure as a company we are doing everything we to make the world a better place. 

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diversity and inclusion

We don’t discriminate against anyone based on any biases such as race, age, gender, etc.

We are actively committed to doing everything we can to increase diversity and eliminate bias across the marketing industry. We actively promote those from BAME backgrounds, along with other peoples who have prejudices against them (such as those with a disability).

We will make every possible effort to ensure everyone is welcome and proud to call Waterdown Media their place of work. Everyone at Waterdown Media should be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

From job descriptions to our guest post guidelines, we make it clear we are welcoming of those from minority backgrounds, and actively seeking their input. Creativity thrives when diverse people come together, and we will do everything in our power to make that happen.  

caring for our people

We want to build an energised, diverse team of creative and analytical minds which can come together to bring our best ideas and work for our clients.

We pay all full-time employees a minimum of the London Living Wage. We offer 42 days paid holiday, unlimited unpaid leave. For employee’s with us more than a year we offer a full 26 weeks paid maternity, paternity or adoption leave to both parents.

We are compassionate with all our policies, such as unlimited Mental Health days and being able to talk to the directors in confidence at anytime, even out of hours. 

We will promote diversity and inclusion and make sure every candidate is a right fit, and they are happy in the role.

Our team is fully remote, and daily hours can be flexible to fit around childcare and other requirements. As long as the work gets done on time, we don’t force a 9-5 shift when we know it’s not practical for everyone.

Our directors will work with our team to ensure they have the tools they need, and any help to resolve issues. Our team are encouraged to always ask for support when they need it.

We actively encourage our team to take further training in areas that they are interested in. We may also provide the budget for industry-leading marketing certifications such as CIM, Facebook and Google.

We welcome team members to have side-hustles providing they can still manage their workload and aren’t using company resources for it. Practical experience is the best way of learning.

Our partners are welcome to go to demonstrations such as Black Lives Matter, and there will be no penalty for those that do.

We want a friendly and relaxed environment where people can do their best work and have a laugh. We hire individuals and want to build a unique, quirky, creative culture (and any more adjectives you want to throw out). Think informal but professional.

Our team spend 7 hours a day (virtually) together. If you’re going to do that five days a week for the foreseeable, it should be a place you enjoy, where you can be happy, comfortable and most importantly yourself. We care deeply about culture and invest massively in the team we build.

Our company is dedicated to protecting human rights. We are a committed equal opportunity employer and will abide by all fair labour practices. We’ll ensure that our activities do not directly or indirectly violate human rights in any country (e.g. forced labour).


We offer three paid days for our team to volunteer on any cause they care about.

We may also partner or sponsor volunteering events or promoting causes we as a company care about. 


Our company may make charitable donations where the cause aligns to our business. This could be at the choice of one of our partners, or a decision by our directors. 

We may also choose to work pro-bono with charities offering our digital marketing services. 


We are always learning

This policy is a living document that will grow as we learn more about our place in the world and what we can do to help it.

We actively encourage feedback from our team and the public from our policies to ensure we can continue to improve them.

We aim to have nothing but outstanding practice when it comes to employee welfare, diversity and more, and we will do everything in our power to ensure everyone at Waterdown Media follows this policy in their interaction.


As always if you have any feedback on this policy, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch via our contact form or [email protected]

“Diversity”. It’s a word that’s thrown around at a lot. Check any company website, and you’ll probably see a policy just like this one saying we promote diversity.

But what does that actually mean?

Saying “you don’t discriminate” isn’t enough – it’s the law.

I want the company growth to be based on talent and good character, not prejudices that have no place in a 21st Century. I too want to promote diversity.

It starts with this policy, promoting our values and how much we care for our people as a company. It comes from making it clear everywhere (even our guest post guidelines) that we welcome everyone.

But it has to go further than text on a webpage. There is so much more we can do.

And to do it, I’m asking for your help.

If there’s a job that you (or someone you know) wants to apply for but isn’t because they come from a disadvantaged background, have a disability, or have been denied opportunities in the past, I want you to give them (or yourself) a nudge and apply.

While academic qualifications are important for some qualifications, they’re by no means essential. From caring responsibilities to poverty there are many reasons why you may not come with the qualifications of others. 

It feels like discrimination to stop you applying for a role here because you haven’t come down that “traditional” route. For most people I know, that’s not their fault. 

Here’s three things I want you to show me when you apply. 

Initiative. Learning and trying things on your own. This could be starting your own blog, an Instagram page, volunteering. For creative jobs (WordPress dev, graphic design, content writing etc) you should have a portfolio (even if that’s some unpublished samples). That’ll be useful for any company you work for.

Dedication. Show me that you can stick to something and see it through. Marketing is a long-term game; there are rarely overnight results. I need to know you’re going to be able to stick to campaigns out to the end and give your best effort, all the way through.

Care. Show me you care about the work that you don’t do anything by halves, and you can take pride in your work. I don’t want arrogance or a know-it-all. But if you genuinely believe there’s an easier/better way of doing something I want you to care enough to speak up (even to me).

And I want you to care about yourself too. If you’ve got too much on, let me know rather than rushing through it. Switch off at the end of the day, enjoy the weekend, log out of your email etc. We work for our clients, so there may be times when ad-hoc duties (like live-tweeting during a program) are needed, but I’ll let you know as soon as I know. There’s no requirement to be always online. This a job, not your life, so put that boundary there. 

We can write “we promote diversity and inclusion” like lines on a blackboard, but it’s not going to change a thing unless we go out of our way to promote it. But working together we can bring in talent that’s based on merit, not prejudice.

We are actively looking to support and promote local black-owned businesses across Kent and London. If you are one, let us know how we can help. Even if we can’t provide you services, we can still give you a follow, you’re recent a like and be part of your community on social media.

I can’t make Waterdown Media solve the problem, or claim it’s the most sustainable company or the most diverse. But together we can take our little patch, and make it the most watered, nurtured and cared for patch where everyone is welcome, accepted, and enjoys coming over. 

Thanks for reading this about diversity. As a company, there’s always more we can do be it towards the environment, sustainability and people. 

If you want to talk about this some more with me, or suggest any more ways we can help please send me an email [email protected]

Thanks again, 

Jake Symons

Director's note

Jake Symons