Training and Development


Our mission to help make marketing accessible for everyone isn’t limited to just our clients. It includes you too.

From day one, we are fully committed to taking you to the top of your game. We want you to have a wealth of resources, experiences and to be at your full potential, so if you decide to leave us, the experience has been completely worth it.

You’re responsible for your own development.

Self-improvement helps you achieve our mission, keeps you competitive in the market, and keeps you engaged with new ways and processes. If you ever feel you’re a robot following a paint by numbers – something has gone wrong.

We keep a knowledge bank with our swipe file plus all the tips and tricks that our team have come up with. You’re welcome to add your own too.

And while you’re in control of your learning, it doesn’t mean we won’t help you.


We’ll actively encourage you to achieve a certification close to your role. These are things such as CIM, Facebook Blueprint, Google IQ or more. Even if you’re on an internship.

If it’s related to your job, chances are we’ll finance any course or qualification you want to achieve. We’ll also pay you for any time off to take the exams (more on PTO later).

If you’re joining us on an apprenticeship or work experience, we’ll focus on following the learning path and qualifications set by your training provider first if you haven’t come through our own program.

If you don’t stay with us long enough to get the industry qualifications don’t worry, the experience & resources you pick up here will be more than enough to pass. 

Marketing changes all the time, so stay up to date. Subscribe to newsletters (both B2B and B2C to see how top companies do it). We recommend using Feedly for free to create a feed of resources related to what you do.


You’re welcome to attend and speak at any conference you like. We may allocate budget for both UK (e.g. BrightonSEO) and international conferences (e.g. Social Media Marketing World, San Diego).


Most of what relates to your role you’ll pick up from the team from the start. Though if there is anything specific you need help with we’ll try and find some time to sit down and talk it through. Our team has got a wealth of knowledge and practical experience, use it.