Outside Work

Gifts and Hospitality

It is usual for you to be offered hospitality and gifts, including discounts, services or facilities during your course of employment by clients and other third parties.

Any gifts and hospitality you accept should be proportionate and reasonable in the circumstances. You must decline any offer that makes you feel uncomfortable, alters your judgement or decision making, or puts you and your family in a difficult position.

Ask your manager first if you’re offered anything over £50.


As an ethical agency, we have strict anti-bribery policies. You agree not to accept any financial or other advantages in exchange for altering your activities, advice or decision making.

You must report any attempts of bribery to your manager.

If you attempt to bribe another individual to obtain or retain an advantage on behalf of the company, that will be an act of gross misconduct. As will accepting a bribe.

Trade Union Membership

You are free to belong to any trade union and participate in union activities. If you do take leave to participate in union activities, these will be unpaid. Your union representative can also accompany you to formal meetings.

Representing Us

We expect you to maintain high standards and good judgement when representing our company. This could be at social gatherings, conferences or working away on behalf of the company. Be responsible and appropriate for the situation.

Social Media

You are welcome to promote the fact you work at our company on social media.

You are free to use and express yourself however you wish on these accounts, though you must never directly state or infer these views belong to our company.

You must also respect confidentiality and data protection policies and never disclose any information which may be in breach of them.

Do not discuss anything related to sensitive business topics such as our financials unless you’ve been authorised to do so. You must also ask for permission to use our Intellectual Property which includes our logo and branding.

You must not undermine our company’s efforts to diversity and inclusion. If you are found to be discriminating against a staff member or an unknown third party across social media, this is subject to disciplinary action.

We will also consider disciplinary action for serious breaches of our harassment and bullying policy.

Do not provide references for other individuals on social media without authorisation as this creates a legal liability for yourself and the company.

Social media posts from your personal accounts can and will be used as evidence in our disciplinary process.

There will be a separate policy detailing our publishing and approval process for employees posting on company or client social media accounts.

Additional Work

Taking on projects outside of work is a great way to learn and overcome challenges by yourself. While we would prefer it if you don’t take on a second job, we have no issue with you freelancing, starting an online store, monetising an Instagram account and being entrepreneurial with your time outside work.

Working for Waterdown Media must be your primary full-time job. You must not undertake a second job that would breach Working Time Regulations (48 hours a week). Inform us if you have, or wish to undertake a second job.

You must not undertake any work that’s demanding it will affect your performance here or will overlap your working hours.

Additionally, you must not use company resources for additional work without authorisation. This includes our influence, software or contacts. 

You must not take up a project with our competitors, or where there is a probable conflict of interest.  A conflict of interest usually occurs when you are targeting the same clients we are.

For example, if you offer freelance graphic design services through your portfolio website and Fiverr on the weekend, we would not consider that a conflict of interest.

However, if you worked for or ran a graphic design agency or competed for the same clients, we were that would be a conflict of interest.

We do not consider passive income streams, such as an online course, to be a conflict of interest.

If you are successful at freelancing your business is likely to grow to the point where you need to take on additional staff or run it full time. At this point, we’ll discuss next steps and letting you go and fulfil your ambitions.

It’s important to know that we have nothing against you doing this. We welcome you living your dreams and being able to help you along the way. But we do require you to be honest about your outside interests, so we can act in the best way for everyone.