Health and safety


As your employer, Waterdown Media still has health and safety responsibilities for you while working remotely, as well as coming into the office.

You must fill out a health and safety form before you start working for us. This would have been sent to you with your contract of employment. If you don’t have one you may download a copy here:

We are all responsible for our own health and safety and that of others. You must comply with all health and safety policies and use good judgement to protect yourself and others.

We will follow all best practice to maintain a healthy and safe working environment and that all our offices, systems, equipment and procedures comply with best practice at all times.

If you have an accident during your working hours, you must report this into our accident book as soon as possible. You can access that here:

Regular Contact

We will keep in regular Slack contact with you to ensure that you are healthy and safe. As part of our Open Door Policy, you are welcome to message any one of the team, including our directors at any time.

We will communicate with you multiple times a day when you are working to check in on your progress and see any issues.

There will be a weekly team meeting and a 1:1 conversation with our directors once a month to discuss how you’re getting on though we will informally check in more often.

If you are feeling stressed, please reach out to our directors at any time.

Home Working Setup

We do not usually supply a home working setup, but we will ask you some questions about it as part of our H&S checklist to confirm it is a safe environment.

It is up to you where and how you work though we urge you to work somewhere that’s comfortable and productive where you are not going to be distracted. Avoid working from sheds, garages, attics and cellars unless these have been converted into habitable rooms.

You may take any breaks you need to step away from your remote working setup providing a reasonable amount of work gets completed each day.

On-Site Working

There may be times when it is essential to be on-site at our offices or a third-party location.

We aim to comply with all H&S best practices for our own offices, including the use of shared office space purchased by the company.

When on-site, we expect you to use common sense and good judgement and your best efforts to protect your own and others’ help and safety. This includes, but is not limited to:

Cleaning up spillages and floor mess

  • Putting any cleaning products away
  • Avoid cables trailing over walkways
  • Separate any boxes that are too heavy to lift
  • Report anything that doesn’t feel right to your manager

We also ask you to play your part in slowing the spread of Covid19 by washing your hands regularly, covering your face in communal areas, and making space between your colleagues.

If you’ve been given an access pass, you must report it straight away if it’s been stolen so we can void it.

If you have an accident while working for the company, you must record it in our accident book online. You must fill out the record completely.

You must not attempt to manipulate or get around health and safety processes and procedures.

It is the responsibility of us all to maintain health and safety at all times. While it is impossible to document against every possible hazard, we expect you to always act in a way compliant with health and safety best practice. Endangering yourself or others will result in disciplinary action.

If you are concerned that someone else may be breaching health and safety, speak to them informally first, or if a severe breach speak to your manager.

When visiting third party sites, you may be required to follow rules that Waterdown Media doesn’t enforce such as wearing a hard hat or visitors lanyard. We expect to comply with all reasonable requests.  

If you are made to feel uncomfortable on a third-party site due to others’ behaviour, such as inappropriate advances, leave immediately and let your manager know.

Alcohol and Drugs Policy

You must not report to work under the influence of Alcohol and Drugs. This is unacceptable for the health and safety of others and you will be sent home if you’re suspected of taking any substances.

When working remotely, you must still be free from the influence of alcohol and drugs. If you are taking prescription drugs or herbal remedies that may affect your performance, you must inform directors.

You must not smoke in our offices or a third party’s which includes shared office space.

As this is a health and safety policy, any breach will be an act of gross misconduct resulting in disciplinary action.


If you have a drug or alcohol problem, you should seek support before it affects your performance at work. We will support your recovery, and you will be permitted time off to attend appointments of professional help or treatment. You still must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while you’re attending work during this time.

The use, procession, storage, transportation, promotion and or sale of illegal drugs is connected to the company is forbidden, and we will involve the authorities. This includes both physically (e.g. using our premises) and digitally (e.g. purchasing supplies over company WiFi).