Harassment and Bullying

We do not tolerate harassment or bullying at all. These are acts of gross-misconduct which will result in dismissal without notice.

We consider harassment to be any unwanted physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct based on race, age, disability or other prejudice as well as any action that affects the dignity of anyone at work.

Some examples of harassment include:

  • Inappropriate physical contact
  • Verbal or written harassment through defamatory remarks, treats, offensive language
  • Inappropriate posts or comments via social media
  • Isolation or non-cooperation at work.

We consider bullying to be persistent abusive or intimidating behaviour which leaves the recipient feeling upset, threatened, humiliated or vulnerable.

Some examples of bullying include:

  • Shouting at or humiliating others
  • Offensive and insulting remarks.
  • Repetitive unjustified criticism
  • Threats

If you are the victim of or witness bullying, you must report it to your manager or our directors immediately.

We intend to protect those that come forward regarding bullying extending to those who offer information or evidence to support a claim.

We must all work to ensure that harassment and bullying have no place at Waterdown Media. Call out this behaviour when you see it and report it to your manager so it can be addressed.

All claims of harassment and bullying will be dealt with through our disciplinary and grievance procedures