equality and diversity


Our mission is to make marketing accessible to all, and we are committed to making the marketing industry a diverse, inclusive and welcoming environment to all.

We are actively committed to equality and diversity to eliminate prejudice, bias and help people reach their full potential. 

Unlawful Discrimination

We do not tolerate any unlawful discrimination directly or indirectly on the grounds of gender, gender reassignment, race (including colour, nationality, caste and ethnic origin), disability, sexual orientation, marital status, part-time status, pregnancy or maternity, age, religion or belief, political belief or affiliation or trade union membership.

This behaviour is completely unacceptable, and individuals found to be discriminating will be immediately dismissed without notice.


We may include notices strongly encouraging those from underrepresented groups to apply for our positions.

We will only ever hire based on talent and potential for the role itself. All employment opportunities we offer is based on merit alone.


We are committed to helping everyone at Waterdown Media reach their full potential and take responsibility for their own training and development.

We will have monthly performance reviews where we will discuss training and development formally, but you are welcome to have an informal chat with our directors anytime to discuss your ambitions and how we can get behind them.


If you believe you have been discriminated against, please raise the matter straight away to your manager or our directors straight away, including any evidence.

These matters will always be treated in confidence, and we are committed to ensuring you are protected from victimisation, harassment or less favourable treatment.

If you are the subject to such as complaint will investigate before taking any action and give you an opportunity to respond. Disciplinary action will be taken for malicious accusations.

This policy is constantly under review, and we will make changes to include more ways to support underrepresented people. If you have any suggestions about how we can make our company or the marketing industry a more inclusive and welcoming place, please email our directors.