This policy forms part of our employment contract. If you are looking for our service agreement confidentiality see our terms or for your website privacy, our privacy policy

This confidentiality policy is effective as soon as you sign it, from the first day of your employment. It lasts infinitely, even if you are no longer employed by us

As we are handling sensitive client data, it’s important to respect our client’s privacy at all times. You should only access client data if you’re specifically working on their project or you have permission to view it.  

They’ll also be confidential data you can see, such as that in our CRM.

Any data you receive from our clients should immediately be treated as Confidential Information and not disclosed to anyone unless it’s required to perform your job, or by law.

Here are some examples of Confidential Information you may come across.

  • Client Ad Spend
  • Unlaunched Client Products
  • Supplier / Customer details
  • Internal financials, working processes or trade secrets

Additionally, any data you receive from us that’s not publicly available should be treated as Confidential Information. This includes all client assets (graphics, content web pages etc.) before they are publicly released.

You must not disclose, publish or misuse this data or give it to anyone else internally or externally. This includes using the data for personal use only, or some other reason. If you feel you need to disclose, such information speak to your manager before doing so.

You agree that any work completed for a third-party is the property of said third-party and you agree to surrender the right to claim ownership, copyright or some other rights. The third-party is the sole author and rights holder.

You agree that any work performed for us during your employment is the property of Waterdown Media and can be saved, modified, used, made public, or shared with a third party at any time during or after your employment.

You must follow all security protocol at all times and use your best efforts to prevent disclosure of this information. You must report any breaches / attempted breaches to our directors immediately.

You must not store any of our data physically, or locally on personal devices unless authorised to do so, even as a backup. Where this has been authorised you must only store it via the security procedure we’ve provided such as an encrypted USB drive.

You may work locally on your personal device but you must return all files to the designated save location (usually Google Drive) before you finish working. Confidential Information not be saved anywhere unless you are authorised to do so.

When using personal devices, you are personally responsible for the security of the device. Install anti-virus and ensure that you are following our security protocol at all times.

You should not share a personal device you use for company work with anyone else. If you have to, you must ensure you are logged out of any company accounts, including email and your password manager.

You may only use company-issued devices for business purposes and not for personal use. When using company devices, you must undertake your best efforts to ensure they remain secure.

You must not attempt or succeed at anything that may compromise Confidential information that is stored on your device or our systems.

You must comply with our Computer and Electronic Communications Policies at all times.

If you are found to violate this agreement, this will be an act of gross misconduct which may result in the dismissal without notice.