Company Expenses


Being a remote marketing agency, we try and keep our company expenses down to a minimum. For the majority of expenses, our directors will monitor and finance them when they are needed.

Before asking us to finance something, please think about its purpose, and if there is a cheaper (or even free) option.

You may only claim an expense that has been pre-authorised by a member of the executive team. We do not retrospectively approve expenses that you purchase on behalf of the company.

You must keep all receipts given to you. You will not be able to claim any expenses without valid receipts.

For transparency, we’ve listed our guidelines when it comes to claiming expenses.

Business Travel

Our executive team will arrange business travel with permission from the directors. This will be done in a way that achieves value for money.

We aim to book and pre-pay travel up front though there may be times travel needs to be reimbursed (such as bus tickets). The liability for all expenses remains yours until we approve your expense claim.

You must always ask for a receipt and keep any tickets you receive. You should scan or photograph (with a scanning app) these into our Dropbox for the finance team:

We will subside any travel for remote employees that have to come into our office, or third parties when travelling via public transport. We will purchase Zones 1-4 railcard when travelling in London.

Public transport should be used wherever possible when on business travel. When commuting to Europe, take Eurostar where possible instead of flying. Public transport should always be taken standard class.  

Air travel should be booked well in advance through the cheapest option available. Normal arrangements are flights less than 5 hours are economy/premium economy, and more than 5 hours are business though this may not always be possible for budgetary reasons.

If you are driving to our office location, you may have to find parking elsewhere. We will reimburse you any parking fee for the duration of your stay at the office.

If you need to travel to a third-party office, a car will also be arranged with our taxi supplier on a pre-paid account. We may also arrange a car if your disability requires it, if it’s more cost-effective, you have materials to transport, or it is after 8 pm, and you are travelling alone.


The directors will pay for any accommodation if it is required for you to stay overnight for business. This will be a 3 or 4-star hotel and pre-paid. We will not pay for add-on services such as the minibar or newspapers.  


We’ll subside £30 for meals for each business day. Meals are to be purchased on your personal card or cash, and we’ll reimburse you within three working days of receiving the receipt.


Please use WiFi and free messaging services such as Slack and WhatsApp to communicate for business reasons rather than mobile data. We will reimburse any essential business use of your data while abroad.

This must be separated out from your personal use, and you should highlight or list the specific business use on your receipt before submitting so our finance team can verify the amount.

Claiming an Expense

Once you have been authorised to claim and expense, you must submit a valid receipt for it into our Dropbox folder:

The file name should be your name, followed by the name of the expense. Include both sides of the receipt.

Unless authorised any expenses you incur are solely your own.