Waterdown Media Staff Handbook

Hi there,

Thanks for joining us for the ride.

We’re Waterdown Media, a remote-first digital marketing agency built for our clients.

We want to make marketing, specifically digital marketing, accessible to all through our direct service offering, resources and blogs that provide practical advice.

We roll up our sleeves and get dirty. We don’t shy away from the heavy lifting. And at the end of the day, we get results.

We’re creatives, strategists and analysts and a bunch of friendly people that want to bring the benefits of digital to everyone.

What this Handbook is

This Handbook is split mainly in two parts.

The first will set out who we are, our culture, opportunities and commitments to you.

The second will be more formal, our rules and policies that are your commitments to us.

Now before your first day, you’re bound to have questions. And this isn’t going to answer them.

Shocker, right? But the PDF you’re reading (or WordPress page if you’re online) doesn’t have all the answers.

So ask. Please.

If you don’t know who to ask you’ve got two options.

1. #help-general in Slack

2. DM our directors

Before we even get into this Handbook, we’re letting you know not to save any questions up for your first day, and ask them as you go along reading this.

Hint: We don’t bite but when you join our slack channel post in #general first so we know who you are. It can be as simple as “Hi everyone, I’m starting Monday as the new Graphic Designer.” Feel free to say more we’d love to get to know you.