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I will design awesome marvelous minimalist logo within 1 day

It’s great to see you’ve just got your first 5* review today with a sample attached. As you continue to provide high-quality work, you’ll build up more samples and reviews that will really boost your gig.


As your account was reviewed within the last month, it’s going to take time for your gig to surface and orders to become more consistent. With over 120k sellers, this is one of the most competitive categories on Fiverr, so it’ll take a while before you start seeing consistency in orders.

Look to other sources

Because of the high competition, it’s worth considering what other gigs you can offer. You mention being a “digital artist”, looking towards other gigs in this space that are more niche that will help. It’s worth swapping to buying mode and seeing what gigs have a low number of sellers but an active number of buys. This shows that there is a demand for those services, and it may be easier to rank.

To find gigs like this, search for a keyword or use the menu to find a subcategory and check out the top gigs. If they’ve got any orders in a queue or frequent reviews (when sorted by most recent), that indicates that buyers are actively purchasing these gigs.

It’s also worth considering other platforms such as 99Designs to diversify your income.

Improvements to your gig

Your gig was well presented with consistent samples. With a live portfolio, you’ll be able to add more samples to your gig as you get more buyers (which you’ve already made use of with your first review).

You can also select “unlimited revisions” within the pricing section of your gig, so buyers see it straightaway, as well as reading it in your gig description.

Mentioning that your standard plan is a “unique” logo may make some buyers think that your basic plan isn’t unique. We’d advise pricing on the gig contents rather than quality to reassure buyers that they’re getting excellent quality whatever they purchase.

Important to be clear whether you’re offering 2 logos or 2 concepts. It’s worth adding the word “concept” to avoid buyers mistakenly thinking they’re getting 2 separate logos if this isn’t something you offer.

Additionally, you mention providing stationary and a social media kit. It’s worth adding some samples of these, maybe showing different formats for your sample logo attached, so buyers can see what they’re getting on your premium service.


This is a really strong gig but competing in a competitive category. It’s worth looking at what other gigs you could create that are less competitive to help build up your account in the meantime alongside offering logos on Fiverr and potentially other platforms too.

Reviewed by: Jake Symons

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