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I will write you an SEO friendly article or blog post

Gig Quality

I’m going to jumps straight into this section because it should be your first action taken after this review. Fiverr is so competitive, especially in large categories such as article and blog writing. This is why the standard of work needs to be high quality for every client, including your samples, to attract them.


It was concerning to see your sample included plagiarised content from this source. Articles should be unique, and buyers may leave negative feedback if you deliver content that is not. It’s common for buyers to use tools to check for plagiarism before accepting your work. This is also against Fiverr’s ToS and could lead to the suspension of your gig or account.

Additionally, there were several mistakes in the article such as “Pakistan communications with other countries are depend on how we much we trade with them” which are offputting for buyers.

Crafting high-quality samples will be essential in getting your first orders. Along with the content, look to formatting to ensure readability.

Your gig should have one cover image, with the remaining providing samples of your content writing.


You mention being able to write in different languages both in your cover image and description. It’s great to offer this service but writing in “any language” sounds like you’re having these articles translated. If you’re doing this yourself, it’s important to remember contextual differences, so we’d always recommend human translation over Google Translate.

Your description is the place to show your experience and build trust. Talking about the industry your company is in and the kinds of content you’ve written (e.g. long-form “skyscraper” content) will help. A “why me?” section detailing your communication, ability to represent a brand’s voice or follow their style guidelines will also help build that trust.

There’s also a contract between being a professional blogger for your company and writing for students. Generally, buyers would fall into two camps here, those that are students and those that are looking for professional writing services. If you’re trying to attract the latter, I’d recommend removing the reference to students.

If you’ve got experience writing in the health sector for your company, you should mention that explicitly. Especially with factors like E-A-T important to reassure buyers that your content is professional, will be well research citing up to date reliable sources, and will not harm their credibility.


Fiverr is a very competitive platform based on price. Consider reducing the price of your basic plan to help get your initial orders. Once you have more samples and can demonstrate quality writing to buyers you can look to increase your pricing.


Your gig is unlikely to get any orders in its current form. Making the changes listed above and really taking the time to build up a high-quality service will help you immensely.

Reviewed by: Jake Symons

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