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Gig Facts

I will produce relaxation music for your needs

It’s great to see you’ve included a high-quality sample that’ll really help buyers see your experience and what they’re getting.

Consider YouTube yourself

It’s worth considering how you can monetise YouTube yourself. If you’ve got spare time to start and grow a channel, that’ll be really beneficial in securing your income. While some top sellers can secure regular orders, it may be some time until you get to that level and even then, having a backup may serve you well going forward.


It’s worth adding as many samples as you can of your music as your competitors have more. This will enable buyers to swipe through and see that you’ve worked on multiple projects (for this gig) and will show them that.


Fiverr is such a competitive platform, especially if individuals can get a lower price elsewhere. Currently, your Premium plan offers 3.5 minutes of content, significantly less than most of the top sellers.

If you’re looking to get regular orders straight away, it’s worth considering how you can increase the time offered to enable buyers to get a full track to listen to. Of course, if you want to maintain your pricing, then looking to other platforms / setting up a website to allow people to come direct would enable you to attract clients with more to spend.


In addition to the section regarding your service offering having a section about why buyers should choose you. This could detail your team’s experience, what awards you’ve won, any prominent places your music has featured, how many tracks you’ve made in total, etc. Including these little details can really help build trust with buyers.


If you log out (or switch to buying mode), you’ll be able to see your competitors listings. This is really helpful for understanding who you’re competing against and informing any changes, you make to your gig to help.

It’ll take some time after you get your initial orders to keep them consistent, but there’s definitely a market for your services out there.

Reviewed by: Jake Symons

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