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Gig Facts

I will professionally proofread your works

It’ll take some time when you start getting orders on this gig to keep them consistent, but there are some improvements you can make to get that process started.

If you’re only looking to offer proofreading services, there are several sites you can get started from dedicated job sites to LinkedIn. Elna Cain has a great list of them you could look to create an account to help find work.


Your description is the place to build trust with buyers. Padding this out may be helpful with details of your services (which are partly in your pricing) and also about your experience and why buyers should choose you.

A few things to mention might be:

  • That you work with MS Word and/or Google Docs
  • If you use tracked changes
  • Any technical industries you’ve worked in (science/health etc.)
  • How long you’ve been proofreading (buyers don’t know when you started college)
  • You mention commenting on “problem areas”, share a few examples of what you look out for.

Your bio also lists your English level as “basic”. This may worry some buyers about the quality of proofreading, so consider if you’re able to increase that or proofread in other languages you’re confident in.


While your pricing by service level (instead of word count), clients are still able to select any number of words. As you mention premium is for longer works, there should be a maximum word count on your basic plan for this pricing to make sense.


A few gigs do include these, and it’ll certainly help you stand out from those that don’t if you’ve got any documents you can share before / after. A document with comments or tracked changes would really set your gig apart from others.


It’ll take some time once you get your first order to keep them consistent, so it’s definitely looking to what other gigs you could offer or platforms you could explore going forward.

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