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Gig Facts

I will do data scraper, data extraction, and fastest data entry for any website

It’s great to see you already have 2 5* reviews. This review will go through some points of improvement on your gig and share some freelance data entry tips.

Competitive Niche

Data entry is an incredibly competitive niche on Fiverr with over 61k sellers. Even with more reviews, it’s still going to be a challenge competing with such low prices.

Because of this, we recommended looking towards other platforms (such as Upwork) or other gigs you could offer, like virtual assistance. This ensures you’re not reliant on one income source and able to progress your freelance career.


It’s great to see you’ve included a video of your work. Your gig should have one cover image, with the remainder showing different types of data entry you’ve completed.

The fitness sample you’ve included contains a lot of not available emails & phone numbers. While this is to be expected for Instagram outreach, it’s best to replace this with a complete alternative sample when you have one.

Other Gigs

You mention “virtual assistant” in the description. Having this as a separate gig will mean that you’re able to include other virtual assistance tasks such as calendar management. Tailoring a separate gig specifically for this service will enable you to build trust with buyers and show your commitment to them.

It’s worth reviewing your gigs to ensure you have enough differentiation between them. Having similar gigs means you’re splitting reviews between each making it harder to rank overall. It’s best to have one gig for a specific service such as data entry and another for email extraction/validation.

Being clear in your sub-services bullets what is included in each gig (as there’s currently a lot of overlap) will help set these apart.


It’s cleaner to put “Note: Please contact me before placing an order” at the bottom of your description.

Worth adding a ‘why me” section detailing your experience. Little details such as your experience, your largest project, delivery times and unlimited revisions all go some way to building trust with buyers.


Your pricing currently doesn’t match. For example, your basic plan offers 2 hours of data entry, but the description only states it’s one. All three need correcting.


In such a competitive category, it’s going to take time to start ranking. It’s worth considering what other services you could offer to supplement your gig. Virtual assistance may lead to some long term opportunities, so it’s definitely worth exploring that outside of data entry to help progress your career.

Reviewed by: Jake Symons

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