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I will setup google shopping campaign for your store

It’s great to see you already have competitive pricing and details of your services in the description. We’ve provided a few more points of improvement below.


It was especially worrying to see a stock photo as the entirety of your gig image. Cover images should be unique to you and provide some details about the products and services you offer. Sites like Canva will enable you to create one for free.

Your gig is lacking in samples. We recommend including one cover image with the remaining samples detailing your services. If you have any way of collecting samples from your previous work, it’s worth including them.

If you haven’t worked on these services yet, it’s important to consider how you can convey trust and experience to buyers without demonstrating your work. You could also take a Google Shopping Certification, which provides a certificate of your skills once passed.

Ideally, when you get your first clients, you’ll be able to provide Merchant Center analytics or examples of products with complete data that will really help buyers see your experience.


Good to see you’ve included full set-up and error resolving in your description. It’s worth also including that in your pricing by ticking the corresponding boxes in your gig settings. This will help your pricing tiers match what you’re actually offering.

Review the formatting to make it easy to read. Double enter between lines to start a new paragraph and correct capitalisation issues.

To show buyers your experience, talk about your most impressive projects. How many SKUs were on the feed? What errors do you have experience resolving? What Ads budgets have you managed? Including these details can help give you an edge over your competitors.

Also worth including a section on why to choose you. You mention basic character traits but word it so it helps the buyer. For example, instead of saying “organised” list “highly organised to ensure you always keep track of the campaigns.” Changing this to how it helps the buyer is a great way of building trust with them.


It’s also worth utilising FAQ to help show more info to buyers to encourage them to get in touch with you. These could be questions such as “What do you need to get started?” or “How long until my products are approved?”


With the improvements above, you’ll help your gig be more competitive, but ideally, you’d need samples first. Adding multiple gigs for your other areas of expertise will help build up your account in the meantime.

Reviewed by: Jake Symons

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