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I will do photoshop editing super fast and high quality work

Great to see you’re providing high-quality service and already have 4 5* reviews. We’ve provided some points of improvement below.

Competitive Niche

With nearly 100k other sellers and over 87k rated new sellers, Photoshop editing is a highly competitive category. It’s going to take time to rank your gig and get orders even when your reviews are in double digits. Because of this, it’s worth focusing on optimising gis that are in less competitive categories or looking to other platforms to help ensure you have continuous orders.


Having “DO NOT ORDER” in your price tab is offputting for buyers. If they include this, most of your competitors have this as a note at the bottom of your description. As your pricing is featured prominently, we recommend using the box to outline the details of your services at each price point.


Great to see you’ve included a lot of detail about your services. While it’s great to mention e-commerce and how you solve your buyers’ challenges, your first paragraph is slightly long for buyers. Talking about how you offer affordable outsourcing for such businesses to clear their graphics tasks will help buyers see you’re the solution for them.

Adding to this, including a “why me?” section detailing your experience and skills can build trust with buyers and show them you’re right for the job.

Your title offers “super fast” delivery, but this isn’t mentioned in your description. It’s worth clarifying how fast super-fast is (buyers would assume hours here) to confirm that you’ll be able to deliver for them.

Other Gigs

It’s worth spending some time optimising your other gigs as well. These improvements could be creating easy to read descriptions that include the following:

  • Listing the services you can provide
  • Showing buyers why they need your services
  • Detailing your experience in providing them
  • Building trust by listing personal traits and service quality (such as unlimited revisions).

When writing descriptions, always focus on the buyer and why what you write matters to them. This will help buyers see that you’re experienced to provide the service, and they can trust you to carry it out.


It’s great to see 2 of your gigs picking up reviews already. There is a huge supply of your services, so it’s going to continue to take time to get orders through. Continuing to provide a high-quality service to every buyer is the best way to improve your account and ensure its success going forward.

Reviewed by: Jake Symons

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