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Gig Facts

I will do simple logo with full corporate identity branding and style guidelines

It was great to see you’re already providing a high-quality service that buyers rate! It takes some time to build up the consistency of orders, but with 6 reviews on the board, you’re off to a good start.

Competitive niche

Logo design is one of the most competitive categories on Fiverr, with over 170k services available. Trying to compete with those with thousands of reviews at the same price point is always going to be a challenge. It’s great to see you’ve got other gigs too, but it may also be worth considering other platforms such as 99Designs or Freelancer.com to help keep orders consistent.

Clarify the service

It’s great to see that you’re building in brand identify in addition to the logo that helps nice this down more. It’s worth reviewing what you offer at each price point and considering if you could add more to basic to encourage those initial orders. As you’ve already had orders through, this isn’t something that’s necessary, but it may help get more reviews on the board.

A particular focus here would be the logo, as there’s still 89k sellers that have a $5 plan for this. Additionally, source files and transparency are not included in the standard plan either. Most buyers would expect these with a logo, but they’re not even included in the standard.


It’s great to see you’ve included some samples. Make sure these are all high res and correctly sized. The one presentation attached to a review appears broken; if this isn’t possible to fix, just remove it.

Additionally, if you have any PDF/presentation samples of brand style guidelines, those would be great to include in addition to the logos you’ve provided. Especially to help sell premium, it’s worth including your best samples to show a range of your work.


Your gig currently is in “logo design” which is incredibly oversaturated. It may be worth moving your gig to “Brand Style Guides” which is less competitive. Some sellers still find success in logo design. As you’ve got a searchable title, this isn’t a priority decision.


You mention designing a “simple logo.” Some buyers may connotate this with “basic” so replacing it with an adjective like “modern”, “professional” or “clean” may help encourage clicks.


You can use actual bullet points here to help this read better. Buyers can see what’s included in pricing, your description should demonstrate experience and build trust with buyers. To do this, mention how many years you’ve been designing, how many total logos you’ve designed and then pull out some of your key services.

Instead of listing social media kit, this could be “A social media kit helps maintain consistent branding across all channels with logo and header image.”

It’s also worth expanding your “Why us” section. As you offer unlimited revisions, this is absolutely something you should highlight there. About the gig should really focus on why the buyer needs you. Things like “a full corporate identity to brand and build your startup” and how you’ll work with the buyer to understand their needs and make this just right for them.


It’s great to see your gig off to a positive start. As you continue to get more orders, you’ll be able to show your client samples and build your portfolio and reputation on the platform.

Reviewed by: Jake Symons

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