Active Marketing Twitter Chats to Join in 2022

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Twitter chats are one of the best ways to network and share your knowledge on Twitter. Today I’ll be breaking down why you need to get involved in Twitter chats and the best ones you can join as a marketer.

What is a Twitter Chat?

A Twitter chat is a series of questions that are asked by the host who has typically prepared them in advance with graphics. An expert comes along to answer the questions in their specialist area, but everyone else on the chat can jump in and respond. You join by replying or tweeting using a hashtag leaving A1, A2, for answers to responding to questions marked Q1, Q2 etc…

Why get involved

They’re a great place to network on Twitter and meet people in your niche to exchange tips. You’ll often get to pick some ideas up for yourself and build relationships that continue off the chat.

You may also find yourself retweeted by the host and other chat members, which may cause you to see an increase in impressions and engagement in your analytics.

When first growing my personal Twitter account being part of chats like #TwitterSmarter enabled me to access a wider audience and build connections with people who may have otherwise ignored my account.

How to join

Most Twitter chats have a welcome where you’re able to say hi and introduce yourself at the start of the chat. There’s also sometimes an icebreaker question to get the conversation going. After that, it’s straight into A1.

Some people (myself included) reply directly to the tweets to keep replies from their main feed to avoid spamming their followers. But you can quote retweet or tweet out using the hashtag if you want to share your responses with your followers too.

How to keep track of the conversation

A lot of conversations can take place on a Twitter chat, and it can be challenging to keep up. I use Tweetdeck (Twitter’s own management tool) to help with this.

Above is my setup. One column has the host and the other has the hashtag so I can keep up with the questions, as well as all the responses.

Setting this up for yourself

Head on over to and create your account or log in if you’ve got one already. You’ll need your Twitter username and password.
Create two columns, one for a user (entering the @ of the host) and the other for the hashtag you want (do this with a search).

You also have this option if you use Hootsuite to help you manage your Twitter.

Let’s get into the chats

Below I’ve shared what I think are the best Twitter chats for marketers. These are lively discussions with great insights from a range of experts.

You don’t have to go to every chat – with timezone differences and the probable burnout that would cause, I’d recommend sticking to a few ones you like and learn from.

All the times listed are in UTC. If you’re in the UK enjoying British Summer Time like we are, just add an hour.


Hosted by Dan Barker and James Gurd, this chat kicks off every Monday at 12:00. There are three questions which get straight to the point to provide as much value as possible. It’s a great opportunity to spend a lunchtime throwing ideas around.


Hosted by Erika Heald, #ContentChat takes place every Monday at 19:00. It’s a great chat to pick up some tips on how to up your content game. You’re always going to need content, and chats like this are great for finding new techniques and getting the most out of what you write.


Hosted by the Content Marketing Insitute this chat is every Tuesday at 16:00 and talks all things content with an expert guest. These go in-depth with all types of content and strategy including conferences, webinars and more.


Hosted by Express Writers on the first Tuesday of the month at 16:00 it’s a lively discussion about all things content marketing on blogs, emails and social media. There’s a blog article on their website with a recap every month and expert guests to level up your content marketing efforts.


Organised by Julie Bacchini this chat is every Tuesday at 17:00. Sharing the latest trends and advice this chat doesn’t just focus on Google but covers a wide range of platforms with insightful topics to learn from and see what the pros are doing to help you make the most of your spend.


Hosted by Startup Canada, #StartupChats discusses the questions small businesses are asking from funding and growth to hiring and building relationships. 


Founded by Janet Machuka, #AfricaTweetChat is every Wednesday at 18:00 and discusses all things digital marketing with an expert guest. There are personal branding questions, social media questions and it’s a great chat to go to hear from a diverse range of viewpoints.


Hosted by AdWeek magazine, this chat also takes place on Wednesday at 18:00. It talks about all things advertising and its wider impact. It’s good to get high-level insights about the broader world of ads and marketing from the pros.


Hosted by Michelle Garrett at 16:00 on Thursday if you’re a freelancer then this one is from you. Running a freelance business is so much more than the work you do for clients. It’s great one to come to and exchange tips.


SEOChat takes place Thursday at 17:00 hosted by Mordy Oberstein and guests asking the questions. Talking all things SEO you’ll get to see what the experts are doing both client and agency-side and learn new tactics.


Twitter Smarter is a weekly Twitter chat hosted at 17:00 on Thursday by Madalyn Sklar. It’s over 5 years old and still going strong. There’s a different guest each week sharing their expert Twitter advice. You can see a Google Calendar of upcoming chats here.

In conclusion

So there you have the best Twitter chats you can go to as a marketer. Pick a couple you want to check out and go and get involved. You can also still get value by reading through the expert answers later. Some chats have a moment/blog post rounding up the chat to make this easier.

If you can’t find a chat for you, then why not start one? Chances are you’re not the only one active in your niche on Twitter, and you could form a small community coming together to exchange tips over a different topic each week.

If you feel I should add a chat to the list please leave a comment or send me a message.

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